I order an eyeshawdow pallete from them and it took them 8 days to ship my order!I contacted them over 23 times with NO response. So I decided to file a dispute with paypal,all of a sudden my inbox is flooding with emails.After I asked for a refund,they hurried and shipped my order so they would not have to give me my money back.LISTEN CLEARLY DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM BH COSMETICS.

They are a very shady company.

I will never ever again purchase anything else from them.Please take my advice BH cosmetics is no good. Save you money!

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Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas #1234247

How can I report them if I using credit card I text them a million time of email and I text BH cosmetic on Facebook they een reply back please tell me what to do


8 days is a normal preparation time for a company, they need to process and ship out your order, and then send you shipping confirmation details once they get it back from shipping company. Did you contact them 23 time within one minute?

of course customer service has its working time and reply every complaint in a line. They didnt hurry to ship out your order, your order was shipped since, they just provided shipping details ( tracking info) . I dont find your feedback useful and dont see why you force other people to not shop with BH cosmetics. I personally buy from them for last two years and never had any single issue.

Never again purchase for them again because seems like online shopping is not thing for you. Save your energy and just buy in the store

Dallas, Texas, United States #692310

I am having the same problem right now... you're not the only one.

I ordered early Monday morning and inquired about when my order would be sent out?

I had called and they told me they would probably ship it soon and when I asked to cancel my order they informed me that oh, it probably just was sent out (This is within the same phone call) Let me check and call you back after I was on hold for 10 mins. Interesting....


I'm sorry, but every "complaint" I've seen here so far just sounds like emotional brattiness covering personal inadequacy. BH has superb customer service, and ships at industry standard.

Los Angeles, California, United States #656834

Do you live in America? BH takes longer to ship if you buy during a sale because of the huge shipments they end up sending out, if its a holiday, and you have to take into account USPS and FedEX they arent exactly as reliable.

8 days is a fair amount to wait for something to be shipped to you. I bought extensions in the UK and I live in california. It took 14 business days till I got them. You have to remember just because sometimes a 3-6 business day shipping doesnt always fall into the time frame.

thats an estimate not an exact.

Just like priority mail is almost if not always never shipped in 1-3 days. So next time just be more patient.

Dallas, Texas, United States #646538

How do I gile a dispute ! They sent my order to the wrong adress I spent 50 $ and I haven't got a response from them!

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