I placed an order on cyber Monday for the 120 color pallet and still have not received my order yet. I got the tracking number and my confirmation email but they have been of no use to me since apparently it states that my product has been shipped already.

I called my post office to make sure it had not gotten lost in the mail and she confirmed that they haven't even received any package from the company. That it was still in California! I have also emailed them twice without any response. For the people who have received good service your lucky, but honestly all these bad reviews outweigh the few with good customer service stories.

This was my first and certainly will be my last order from bh.

I'm sticking with limecrime and sugarpill. A bit more pricy but WAAAY better customer service and response timing.

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Burbank, California, United States #770412
BH Cosmetics Verified Representative

Hello, we are so sorry to hear about your experience with us. Please give us a call a call at 888-545-4744 or send us an email with your Order Id Number to support@bhcosmetics.com so that we can look further into this.

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, United States #763076

I had the same problem as you did and i even posted a lenghty complaint about them on here as well, they really are backed up because of all the orders placed that day, although that still isnt any excuse because i had to call them numerous times and leave messages threatening to cancel my order when you do that watch how quick they will call you back. All i can say is just be patient hun because you will recieve your order...trust me...

I was soooo pissed with them because i had such problems with my order but to be honest when my products did FINALLY arrive i was thrilled!

the stuff i ordered from them came in great condition and very good quality. I did order from them a year ago before and my stuff came on time, i would suggest if you do order from them again dont order around or on a holiday because it takes forever!

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